East Coast Prep to Suspend Operations for 2016 Season 

East Coast Prep suffered a serious blow this winter when Director of Operations and Head Coach Dick Bell, the heart and soul of East Coast Prep, and the very reason for its existence, was struck down by a debilitating illness. Although his illness was diagnosed initially as life threatening, after five months of hospitalization he's made substantial progress toward recovery and is now facing a rehab stint that should eventually bring him up to full strength.  

With this fact in mind, it is with great reluctance that East Coast Prep sees no other choice but to suspend operations for the upcoming season. Dick's health and well being are much too important to take on the risks of a premature return. Rest assured, we will be returning stronger than ever in the fall of 2017, playing the tough schedule that East Coast Prep always plays. 

Troy Davis, Dick's Assistant Head Coach and good friend has made it clear that "Dick is the glue that holds everything together. He knows every facet of our operation in depth. We can't function at the high level we're accustomed to without him." 

In its three years of operation East Coast Prep's reputation for excellence has grown increasingly stronger. It's players have ended up at top notch schools all across the nation. We make it clear to the prospects who come here that although we expect maximum effort from all of them on and off the field, the central purpose of the East Coast Prep experience is not about wins and losses. It's about preparing our players, both athletically and academically, to reach a level of maturity and ability that is essential for playing at the next level. We call it the East Coast Prep Advantage. 

Adversity in life is unavoidable, but it can also be valuable. The most valuable things we learn come out of adversity, and sometimes it's good to stop and take a deep breath before going on.  

At East Coast Prep we believe a positive attitude will always give you a fighting chance when it comes to overcoming life's obstacles, and even though on field activities will temporarily cease, the ECP staff will be working overtime while Dick is recovering and our website will continue to provide our prospects and parents with valuable information and status reports. Don't hesitate to check it out from time to time. 

We'll see you all in 2017---and we'll be better than ever.